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keskiviikko 18. helmikuuta 2009

Supersuckers & Nashville Pussy

We went to see Supersuckers and Nashville Pussy play Tavastia yesterday. Had a beer and watched the show, nothing special. There are much worser ways to spend a tuesday evening anyway, so it was ok. Supersuckers were kinda boring, well at least I expected more. Nashvillle Pussy was loud as fuck and rocked really hard, but the gig was way too long. I think they played like 50 songs or something. Yes the camera is still broken, so I didn't get any footy or pics. Here are a few videos from the bands so you can see for yourself what I'm talking about.

lauantai 14. helmikuuta 2009

Helsinki Motorcycle Show 2009

This was held a few weeks ago. It was too full of people and it sucked. Great thing was that Other Side Tattoo had their own stand which had couches to sit on. So I ended up sitting there for 5 hours talking a lot of BS. Timppa had the best coffee in the business! Cheers! Here are a few shots from the show.

This is Timppa's Triumph. One of three he has now days.

Another shot of the same bike.

Juho's pre-unit.

And here it is again.

Tony build this Evo chopper.

Here is Andy's bike. Flying Choppers Finland. Has won many awards.

Look how skinny it is.

Some classic racers.

Tony and Miku kicking it on the couch.

Timppa and Juho. The gravity has really gotten a hold of Timppa... Or maybe it's the coffee?

tiistai 10. helmikuuta 2009

Balzamia sielulle

Pomo toi tuliaisia. Miks tätä ei saa suomesta?

perjantai 6. helmikuuta 2009

Two dudes with the same name for the price of one.

Pretty sweet deal, eh?!? takkinen took this pic for an Lamina ad for Perna Zine about five years ago.

I stole this pic from the ITÄ-blog.

maanantai 2. helmikuuta 2009

Old, Fat & Slow 2009

Rad Mike had his birthday yesterday, so congratulations are in order! Now he's 38 and still ripping.

Here he's taking it easy at the OFS contest in Jyväskylä'07.


Fucked Up And Ready To Die

Stripping on twisted knives in miscreation
Norway be my grave
Increasingly insecure
Combine with stagnant joy

Half my life in your name
Fucked up and ready to die

Death just takes a moment
Suffering is forever

Let's leave this sinking ship together
The water of life will fill your lungs
Drink 'till you bleed
When contradictions fail to soothe

Half my life in your name
Fucked up and ready to die

Murder only takes a moment
It'll last you forever

sunnuntai 1. helmikuuta 2009

Rock'n roller

One sunday I was very tired and skated like shit (which is pretty usual). Well then there was Duke who wanted to test his flashes, so I ended up doing 50 fs. rock'n rolls. Luckily that is the one trick I can do properly.

torstai 29. tammikuuta 2009

Field Notes

Went to the opening party yesterday. Ate some potato chips, drank some wine, talked a lot of bs and looked at some pics. Spicoli was in charge of the punch... he was pretty wasted already before the place opened...

Paul Cochrane, Ville Flink & Kaarle Hurtig

Field Notes is a collaborative exhibition between three individuals heavily involved in Helsinki skate scene. Only common path between the work of these three might be just that. Paul went to Africa, Ville went all over, Kaarle just went completely bezerk. Photographs and then some.

It's at Myymälä 2. Go check it out.

tiistai 27. tammikuuta 2009

Helsinki Ink '09

Helsinki Ink 2009 15th International Tattoo Convention will be held at Kaapelitehdas in March. The exact dates are from friday the 13th to sunday the 15th.

Let's get our skins ruined! I'll be there for sure.

Here are some pics from last year:

Sampo and Tony B keeping the Tikari stand in full effect

This is Jumbo wurkin' hard.

Each board was made by an finnish tattoo artist and then they were auctioned for charity.

maanantai 26. tammikuuta 2009

Hyvä Saksa!!

They sure know how to park in Germany. Some dude flew 35 meters from the road and landed through a church's roof. That car is 7 meters from the ground. I bet this dude doesn't go to church.

lauantai 24. tammikuuta 2009

More shit will follow

i know I've been lazy with this blog... More shit will come in the near future. I just dug out some out fun pics for the blog. Stay tuned...